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What is the Private label coffee program?

In the world where it seems everything already discovered and competition in business very high. Corporate names are highly recognizable. And it is hard to be unique. Besides, have an excellent quality product, you have to stand out from the rest of the crowd. You design this beautiful logo. And you believe and proud of your brand. People talk about all the time. But how can you make your brand stand out even more? The private label coffee program is the answer.

  At Rockaffe, we determine to help your brand grow. Design a label or let us help you to design a package for your coffee so you can proudly display it. We have everything to make it happen in our facility. Your coffee product should wear your label. Customers always getting attached emotionally to the brand they love. They are bragging about your product in different communities, on social media, even further to strengthen your name. Stop promoting someone else brand. Customers are more likely to buy a bag of coffee with the name they can trust.

What are the benefits of a private label coffee program?

While national brands already established names, using private labels coffee program making your brand more exclusive. Building your brand to stand out is very simple with RocKaffe. No hassle, no manufacturing. We have everything to make your brand recognizable. All you have to do select your product, choose the design, and we will do the rest.

What businesses can benefit from a private label coffee program?

Private label coffee program is only available to wholesale customers. It is a great solution to promote your brand if you are a specialty coffee store. Farmstand can benefit from the coffee label program. Their customers are very loyal, and everyone loves farm products. Having coffee labeled with your farm name is a win. You are selling coffee online from your home and don’t want to hassle with manufacturing. Then our private label coffee program is for you. It’s also a great idea for corporate events(minimum order required). And we will look at every event separately.

How does a private label coffee program work?

First, fill up a wholesale form right here. Choose what would you like to display on the label (your address, phone number, date of roast, etc.) — next step to select coffee. At RocKaffe, we offer coffee from all over the world, and for wholesale customers, we offer custom roast if you wish so. Our origins and blend come in different roasts. Also, there are many flavors available. Flavored coffee is trendy in holiday seasons. And you can request samples here.

private label coffee printer

Design package.

First, we need to choose the bag size and type. We have options for 12oz or 16oz. Other options to consider what color. Currently, we only offer two colors, black and white. Next is the design of the label. Consider the color of the bag and whats kind of information you plan to display if you have a problem with the design. We can help you to design. Send us your logo, and we will get back to you with few variations. A private label coffee program is a great solution. We can change the design anytime you wish — either its holiday or you just tired of the same label it is fully customizable to your wish.

Cost and shipping.

A private label coffee program is available only for wholesale customers and corporate events. Demand on private label coffee program is high. We require a minimum order of thirty pounds. There is an additional charge for the custom label of $1.75 per bag on top of wholesale prices. To request wholesale prices, click here. Only extra time will need at the beginning while we are designing the label. After we agree on the right design for your business, your orders will deliver on a regular schedule. Now you can display them proudly and get the credit you deserve. Enjoy your brand new coffee bags.

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