At RocKaffe, we believe in having a bigger purpose for our business. We seek to provide not only high quality coffee and exceptional service for our customers, but also to help the local community. That’s why we partnered with local animal shelter, SAVE. We love animals but, unfortunately, many of them are abused and abandoned. SAVE provides dogs and cats medical treatment, food, shelter, and the love they deserve. We are proud to support them in this effort. As we grow, we hope to extend our giving. We thrive on making a positive impact on the world.

Our partners

The SAVE shelter facility has the capacity to house upwards of 100 animals at a time (approximately 75 cats and 25 dogs).  Our number of adoptions is growing every year.  In 2018, we reached our adoption goal of 600 dogs and cats being placed in loving homes – nearly 80 more adoptions than the year before.  SAVE is not supported by your tax dollars and does not receive funding at the local, state or federal levels.