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Why order online? We have more variety than an average coffee shop. By cutting the middle man, we keep our prices very competitive. Coffee you order, never sit on shelf. Your order we roast on the same day. No worries about running out of coffee. With our subscription plan, your coffee will arrive to you on schedule. No more driving, parking.

We roast it to perfection

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Roasting fresh coffee beans is our priority. At RocKaffe, we develop our flavor profiles to balance acidity, body, and aroma. Our coffee never bitter. We test every batch to make sure coffee is consistent and enjoyable to drink. Our goal is to deliver high-end quality products to your door.

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At RocKaffe, we use aggressive shipping policy. Order received before 1 p.m.; we will roast and ship on the same day — orders received after 1 p.m. well roast and ship the next day. All coffee shipped in sealed bags with a one-way valve for degassing. For more details, click here.

We are proud to support local animal shelter SAVE by donating a portion of our profits. With every pound of coffee you buy, you help homeless animals find their home. Learn more…

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RocKaffe is an online coffee specialty company. We offer excellent customer service to the wholesale and retail coffee market. At RocKaffe, we are working with suppliers every day. To ensure we receive the freshest beans to our roasting facility. We carefully inspect coffee beans. And precise roast to match the desired taste profile of each single-origin or blend.

Our coffee is tested using the most popular brewing methods. To ensure consistency — no matter which brewing style you prefer. Methods, including drip, pour-over, espresso, and cold brew. While working in a retail coffee shop for many years, we learned that freshly roasted coffee beans makes a big difference. We listened to our critics. Our loyal customers have a demanding taste for flavor. Their valuable and respected feedback has resulted. Our shop is offering coffee beans roasted within no longer than two weeks. Espresso beans used within seven days and drip coffee beans we stop using after ten days. This commitment to freshness allows RocKaffe to promise. Your coffee will leave our facility on the same day we roasted.

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RocKaffe is our exciting new adventure and natural progression into the online wholesale coffee market.

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At RocKaffe, our mission is to provide excellent customer service to the wholesale and retail coffee market. We focus on delivering the freshest coffee beans for a reasonable price while staying flexible with our product. We will utilize our extensive retail experience to provide our customers with the best possible solution for their business.

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